The Rules – Part 2

Last time I wrote about the things that I had decided were appropriate to spend money on for the year; now I’ll let you know what I’ve decided to NOT spend money on 😊.

1. Clothes and accessories:

By no means do I have a large wardrobe, but have you ever heard the saying that 80% of the time, we wear 20% of our clothes? That’s me…..I consistently wear clothes that are warm and comfortable, and with two small kiddos, this only got worse. I have lots of dresses designated for work, and I’m going to make an effort to wear them this year. As well, I have beautiful jewelry that I really need to not leave in boxes – it should be out sparkling!! My real obsession though – bags and purses. Nothing is designer, but I love new ones, and I have a collection you wouldn’t believe. There will be no more purchases, and lots of wearing what I have!

2. Media:

This is one big category for me; no books, audiobooks, newspapers, magazines, music or movies. I have more than enough to entertain myself between books I have purchased and not read on my bookshelves and e-reader, to my large music collection. I love podcasts, and most are available for free download. We cancelled cable in our house last year, and only have Netflix, but let’s be honest, you would never get through everything on there! I’ve cancelled my Audible membership and New York Times digital description. I have a subscription to Oprah magazine that was a gift, and a digital subscription to a magazine called ‘Simplify’ (oh, the irony?!). The library and I will be very good friends this year!

3. Quilt, sewing and craft supplies:

For those who know me, this category pains me to not buy anything for a year. The simple fact though is, I have so much stuff, I would NEVER use it all up. I have bins of fabric and patterns overflowing, paper crafts that have never been opened, knitting set aside because I just.couldn’… goes on and on. I’m a creative person, so I’m just going to make, make, make!

4. No ‘beauty’ products:

This is also a big category; no mani/pedis, waxing, cosmetics, nail polish, or ‘extra’ toiletries. Again, in my opinion I have so.much.stuff. that I just never seem to use, that I need to stop accumulating. To others, my minimalist cosmetics would make you scratch your head and wonder why I even worry about not purchasing for the year.  I’m a bit ‘granola’ (haha) and truthfully, I don’t LIKE to wear a lot of cosmetics. I’m always looking at alternative homemade options for basics. For instance, for years, I have not worn antiperspirant, I make a homemade version. I’m going to be using up, and then creating my own pampering products.

5. No bought gifts or cards:

Some may love this, others may not….but gifts will be homemade for the next year. This ties in with my creativity, and for most instances, I can make SOMETHING. It will force me to really think ahead and plan, and not rush out at the last minute to buy a gift, just because I think I should.

6. No eating out:

My husband and I don’t usually dine out, but I do eat out at work a lot, and it has to stop. At an average of $10 everyday, it’s getting too expensive. Anthony is UNBELIEVABLY good at making and taking his lunch, and I really need to do this. No excuses anymore.

There are two categories you’re probably wondering about; coffee and alcohol. I NEVER drink coffee, so this is an easy opt-out for me. As far as alcohol is concerned, I almost never drink. I could count on one hand the number of times I’ve had a drink in the last year. We have some alcohol in the house, if I have a drink over the next year it will be from this.

I think this sums up most things nicely, I’m sure as the year goes on, stuff will pop up and I’ll have to really think it through and decide if it’s worth it to purchase or not.

Is there anything that you think I missed on this list that you would include? What would you have the hardest time excluding from your purchases?



2 thoughts on “The Rules – Part 2

    1. Thanks Nicole! There are lots of different recipes online, but this is my go-to:
      – 6-8 Tbsp of Coconut Oil (start out with less and decide how dry/wet you prefer it)
      – 1/4 cup baking sofa (aluminum free)
      – 1/4 cup arrowroot powder
      – 5-6 drops of essential oil, I use tea tree
      Mix all ingredients together and keep in a sealed container like a small mason jar.
      Good luck if you try the recipe!


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